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Bellussi produces some of the noblest Italian wines: starting out in the DOCG winemaking region of Valdobbiadene, in Veneto, where they make, among others, the famous sparkling Prosecco - Bellussi then expanded to another DOCG area, Brunello di Montalcino, in Tuscany. Bellussi is the official sponsors of the Venice Film Festival and of the Venice Art Biennale, as well as of Hong Kong celebrity artist, Simon Ma.



Belpoggio is an estate of 10 hectares of which 5 covered by vines ( 100% Sangiovese ) and by an old olive-grove.

Belpoggio is BLESSED with a wonderful view on D'Orcia Valley in Tuscany.The ancient residence has been rebuilt and winery has been renewed with modern vinification technologies and particular care for maturing area.

Enrico Martellozzo represents last generation of Martellozzo's Family, which has been working for more than a century in wine trade in Veneto region. After getting much satisfactory quality and business outcomes with Prosecco, a native wine that belongs to their origin environment, Enrico "thought" about a red wine.



Lanciola wines have won multiple awards thanks to their wines produced in the DOCG area of Colli Fiorentini, in the wonderful hills of Florence.


Torre a Cenaia

Built on an estate that dates back to the sixteenth century, in a historic residence that has housed Italian nobility for centuries, Torre a Cenaia now produces Tuscan wines with a particular attention to the preservation of the surrounding environment and historical treasures.




Paolo Cottini

Located in the Valpolicella Classica region of Verona, one of the most famous wine-producing areas in Italy, Paolo Cottini has been producing wine with his father and brother his whole life. Now he brings us DOCG wines made on his own estate only from the best selection of grapes. 



Together, the three winemakers Arno Fuhrmann, Thomas Basten and Markus Fuhrmann stand for a clear commitment to their region and are determined to give the Riesling from Ellenz a special value.

In order to implement such an idea, great enthusiasm and joint commitment are required. The EXCELLENCE Initiative was founded on the basis of a mutual appreciation and on a friendly cooperation.



Heinrich Basten


Our winery and guesthouse is located in the local community Ellenz-Poltersdorf, in the center of the so-called Moselkrampen. The roots of our vineyard date back to 1795.

From passion to the winegrowers' tradition and from our conviction of our actions, the experience has always been passed on to the 8th generation of generations with joy. Through the harmonious interplay of tradition with modern technology and absolute quality demands on vineyard and wine cultivation, year after year, fine, fresh and fruity wines are produced.

In addition to a wide range of grape varieties, we have our main focus on the Riesling. With our wines of high quality at fair prices, the wine lovers appreciate and become regular customers of our vineyard.


Arno Fuhrmann

As a family winery, which has been linked to generations of wine-growing for generations, we present them exquisite wines from our own cultivation.

It is our obligation to offer you only wines of the best quality and excellent wholesomeness.

From environmentally sound wine cultivation to bottling, we ensure an outstanding wine quality according to old tradition, combined with the latest findings.



Markus Fuhrmann


Our family winery is located directly in the idyllic and romantic Moselle valley.

In the small village Ellenz-Poltersdorf, just a few kilometers from Cochem, we cultivate an area of 7 ha, which is mainly planted typical with Riesling.

This winemaker Franz-Peter and viticulture technician Markus place particular emphasis on the highest quality and care with regard to wine growing and care of prime vineyards.

For it is only through the interaction of physical labor, modern technology and unique minerality of the soil, we obtain high quality wines.


Villa Reale

This Sicilian company has been producing traditional Sicilian food preserves for over 25 years. Their products are made following traditional methods, and they do not contain chemical additives or colorant.



This Southern Sicilian company focuses on the production of high-grade local produce – the company’s mission is to allow the world to taste traditional Sicilian products. Agromonte is now the leader in production of cherry tomatoes and semidry tomatoes – common products in Sicily, but innovative and interesting goods outside of Italy.


Antica Napoli

Based in the Agro Nocerino-Sarnese area of Campania, the heartland of tomatoes, Antica Napoli has been providing high-grade italian ingredients to the catering market for over 25 years 


Giuliano Tartufi

Starting from the passion of a single man, Giuliano , who over 30 years ago would go picking truffles with his faithful dog before going to work in the morning, this company now supplies truffles from Umbria, the heartland of truffles, to the world.




Started in 1888 near Palermo, in Sicily, Barbera now produces some of the world’s best Olive Oil (as confirmed by the Biofach Organic Olive Oil Awards) – the quality of their oil is due to the expertise of the family-owned business, that has now been producing olive oil for 4 generations.



Our very own brand - To satisfy the growing demand of high-quality olive oil at a more affordable price in Greater China, we have started collaborating with our trusted partners in Italy, who package this blend of mediterranean olives using their vast knowledge and expertise.



Located La Loggia, Turin, in the heart of Piedmont, a land of great wines. 
Here enological tradition is an ancient art and the ability to select the right wine is crucial to get the best vinegar. Varvello vinegars, like the great Italian wines they come from, mature in wooden barrels, the Slavonian Oak and American Larch (with a capacity of over 20,000 hectolitres out of nearly 80,000 total): four months for white wine vinegars, over one year for red ones.





Based in Northern Italy, Ginos is specialized in the production of high-quality food products for the catering industry, supplying Italian restaurants all over the world.






Fish & Fine

Sicily Food desires to bring the best flavor from the sea to your table plus constant care in creating genuine products with typically "home-made” processes. Sicily Food is proud of its high quality: high-level professionals (microbiologist, chemist) work towards guaranteeing the wholesomeness of the raw material and the safety of the products. The products are carefully evaluated in collaboration with expert nutritionists. Even the cold chain is supervised. Deliciousness and high-quality are our garantee.



Established since 2002, Buono is the manufacturer and exporter of wide array or frozen product, featuring Gelato.

Non-Diary frozen dessert, Ready to Eat.  Buono dedication to create food products that enhance happy and healthy living for everyone.


Loiut Freres

Louit Freres

Louit Frères products are processed in a traditional manner, and its mustards are produced using raw materials imported from the region where the long history of Louit Frères products began almost 200 years ago. Pucci has been operating in the food industry for more than 80 years. It possesses a production structure consisting of two facilities with more than 30,000 m² of covered floor space with 8 production lines that are able to satisfy every requirement. This acquisition allowed Pucci to include a prestigious historical brand like Louit Frères in its range of food products.



Mussini is located in the birth place of balsamic vinegar, Modena, where balsamic has been produced since the middle ages. Today Mussini stays true to its tradition making high-quality aged balsamic vinegar to give a taste of Modena to the world.



Traditional methods with advanced technologies provide “caffè” Torrisi, the first in Sicily for tradition and quality. Started in 1911 the company has continued today, becoming today a symbol for Sicilian coffee. 


Azienda Agricola Filippone

GANDOLFO FILIPPONE 's farm, in 1000 metres above sea level, is merged in an uncontaminated environment in the Madonie natural park,in the heart of Sicily. The climate of high mountains, clean air, soil and water quality, make this area ideal for the cultivation of agricultural products, symbol of excellence in Sicily.For many years, whilst run first by the father and then by the son,the farm only produced cereals,fodder plants and grainy legumes;but since a couple of years it has started,as an alternative to these traditional activities, the cultivation of one of the most diffused spontaneous aromatic plants of the Madonie mountains like leaf, sage, rosemary, thyme, fennel, lavender and especially the "ORIGANUM VULGARE". It grows spontaneously on the Madonie mountains, and contains, in its intense aroma, the essence of authentic Sicily. Authenticity is the hallmark of this company, that every day reaffirms the value of environmentally friendly methods of cultivation trying to maintain the real roots of rural tradition.

For this reason our products are certified organic farming and are protected by trademark «panierenatura» of the Madonie Park




Entirely free of dyes and preservatives. All the ingredients are pure, without any genetic modification. Modern conservation systems ensure all the freshness of the fish from their capture to delivery at the factory.

The Gudi works based on HACCP standards, fulfilling all appropriate food safety procedures. Regular checks, internal and external laboratory analysis are constant.




Sweet Delight

Starting out in Prague in 1999 as a bakery focused on the production of traditional pastries, Sweet Delight now makes cakes and pastries for the whole world. Despite the wide expansion, the cakes are still made by hand, using only traditional recipes and natural products. 



Rei dos frangos

 Starting in 1989, Rei dos Frangos now has a reputable chain of 19 take away stores in Portugal. It has been providing full meals, full of flavor and quality, going beyond the traditional Portuguese deliciousness and always sticks to the highest rules of HACCP, food hygiene and safety policy.




Berni is acquisition by the company Pucci in 2013, a new season has begun for the brand Berni. Our presence in our sector can be detected in all market categories: from vegetables in oil and in brine to condiments, olives, grilled antipasti, sauces and pesto. Berni is also a leading brand in its sector thanks to the well-known Condiriso .



KOPOS® extra virgin olive oil is a high quality product, carefully selected from locations around Greece. Its name, the Greek word for “toil“, reflects the hard work behind all production stages (cultivation, harvesting, extraction, collection, testing and processing), resulting in an olive oil that the consumers can trust and select both for its premium quality and it’s reasonable price.