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Mayonnaise is a thick creamy condiment that can be combined with many dishes. In this recipe we will show you a vegan spin on the traditional recipe (which would include eggs). 


     100ml Soy Milk (not sweetened)

     3 Spoons of Filtered Orange Juice

     1 Tea-Spoon of Varvello Red Wine Vinegar

     2 Pinches of Salt

     90ml Corn or Sunflower Oil

     30-40ml Frantoia Orange-Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil

     Preparation Time: less than 10 minutes

  • Put the soy milk, the orange juice, the vinegar, and the salt in a food processor or mini-primer and start blending while you slowly and continuously keep adding Oil 
  • Taste, if the texture of the mayonnaise is too soft and not creamy enough, add 10ml more corn or sunflower oil
  • The vegan mayonnaise is ready, use it to garnish your salads or fish-based dishes.